Property Insurance

Industrial All Risk Insurance  

One kind of all risk policy which are providing the comprehensive coverage including Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Water Damage, Flood, Earthquake, Bush Fire, Windstorm, Aircraft, Vehicle impact, Strike & Riot, Malicious Act, Burglary, and any accidental damage. All loss or damage should arising from unintentional physical damage to the insured properties, which are specified in the policy. This kind of insurance have to cover after all insured properties are taken and put into use and starting to operate the business. The exclusion will specify in the policy.

Business Interruption Insurance  

It must to buy accommodated with Fire insurance or Industrial All Risks Insurance Policy. Since it provided coverage for gross profit or/and increase in cost of working during the business interrupt caused by the loss or damage from Fire policy or Industrial All Risks policy. In case of the new business, the gross profit and standing charge will indicate as your company plan and budgeting.

Leasehold Insurance  

Coverage for a tenant (the Lessee) with a favorable lease (enabling the lessee to rent premises for less than the rental market value). If the lease is canceled by the Lessor because an insured peril (such as fire) strikes, the lessee is indemnified for the loss incurred. The premise is that the lessee will have to forgo earnings derived from having an advantageous lease, and should be indemnified for this incurred loss.

Terrorism Insurance  

is insurance purchased to cover their potential losses and liabilities that might occur due to terrorist activities. Since September 11, 2001 attacks resulted in an estimated $31.7 billion loss. This combination of uncertainty and potentially huge losses makes the setting of premiums in separated policy than normal property insurance coverage. Most insurance companies therefore exclude terrorism from coverage in Casualty and Property insurance, or else require endorsements or extra policy to provide coverage.

Jewelry’s Block Insurance  

Type of Insurance designed specific coverage for jewels, watches, gold, silver, platinum, pearls, precious and semiprecious stones which are excluded property under Fire or Industrial All Risk Policy. Property can be owned by the insured jeweler, manufacturing, shops, or can be customer's property in care, custody, and control of the jeweler. Coverage is on an “All Risks” basis except specifically excluded perils such as wear and tear; war; delay; loss of market; loss or damage while jewelry is being worn by the insured or his or her representatives; and shipments of jewelry not sent registered first class mail.

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