Employee’s Benefit

Group Personal Accident Insurance  

This policy provides compensation as employee’s benefit in the event of insured (employees) sustaining injuries from only an accident while they are working or doing other activities with 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, resulting into death or disablement be it temporary or permanent. This policy is also available to a Group of Persons and is known as Group Personal Accident Policy. Employees are generally categorised into Plans, which provide different levels of benefits. A group discount is also available for specific groups depending upon size of group.

Group Health Insurance  

Employees are considering as major key success factors for organization. Decent employee’s benefit program on life and medical insurance plans oftenly seen as a key employee benefit and can help reduce staff turnover in a competitive industry where there is a shortage of skilled labour. Employee’s benefit generally categorised into Plans, which provide different levels of benefits. Senior management is placed into the highest benefit Plan and so forth.

Group Health Insurance Program always designs to match with organization requirement varies on coverage request, size of employees, plan, and budget. Mostly program are covering room & board, hospital services, surgeon's fees, emergency treatment, ambulance service and out-patient follow up. Somes may add up option like Personal Accident, Outpatient Cover, Maternity Cover, and Major Medical.

Group Travel Insurance  

Whatever business trips or family trips are traveling anywhere in the world. The protection to you and your group member is very important factor especially in upcountry. Group travel insurance is majority provided the coverage for overseas medical expenses, the baggage, money, liability, personal accident, and loss of deposits for employees whilst travelling on the business of the Insured.

Some insurance company can provide an extra coverage like Traveling Assistance Worldwide Call Center, Emergency Evacuation Service, Repatriation of Mortal Remain Back to Thailand, and Emergency puschase of essential in case of fright delay .

This policy is often purchased on an annual basis to cover all business travelling during the period.

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