Accidental & Health

Personal Accident Insurance  

Accident Insurance provides policyholder for physical protection against loss caused by accident. It can be arranged for Personal or Group Accident as a company employee benefit protection. The coverage and benefit may include;

  • Protection against loss of life, limbs; loss of sight, hearing or speech
  • Protection in the event of total permanent disability
  • Compensation for medical expenses
  • Compensation in the case of temporary permanent disability

The policy is providing protection 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. And Policyholder can be choosing for territory coverage for Thailand wide or Worldwide.

The policy can be extended coverage as following sample;

  • motorcycle riding or passenger
  • Murder or Assault

Normally eligibly age can be insured range from 1 day to 70 years old.

Personal Health Insurance  

More over Accident Insurance, policyholder always require for protection against medical expenses caused by decease or illness. Health Insurance provides protection more broadly include In-Patient expenses covering as follows sample;

  • Daily room & board expenses
  • Hospital expenses, nursing care and ambulance service charge
  • Surgical fee included X-ray and Labs
  • Doctor’s daily visit
  • Doctor Consultant Fees
  • Emergency Accident with 24 hours

Over than In-Patient expense, Health Insurance Policy can be extended to cover Expenses on medical treatment of policyholder as Out-Patient or Clinical Benefit from general decease like Flu, Fever, Stomachache, etc…

Many cases, corporate or company is providing this Health Insurance for their employee as benefit. So it can be arranged as Group Health Insurance by tailor the coverage and benefit in case by case.

Cancer Insurance  

Cancer insurance conceptually is very simple. Benefits are paid directly to you once doctor indentify you get cancer (type of cancer covering in policy). Then you can then use the benefits to help pay for all of the extra costs associated with your treatment. Term and condition of each insurance company are different.

Travel Insurance  

Travel Insurance may require presenting with your travel documents when you apply to get a visa for the country you are planning to visit at the various embassies.

The coverage provides 24-hour comprehensive protection whenever you travel. The Main Benefits of Policy are summarized in following:

  • accident, suffer death, the total and permanent loss of sight in one or both eyes, the total loss of one or both hands or feet, or total permanent disablement within 180 days of that accident
  • Expenses of medical, surgical, hospital and nursing charges

The extra benefit that insurance company always provide you like value added in package may as follows;

  • Travel Assistance Services worldwide call center who will assist you during journey for both medical assistance and travel assistance
  • Emergency Medical and Evacuation Assistance services are provided by reimburse for medical and related costs to transfer you to the nearest overseas hospital or back to Thailand
  • Necessary expenses for Repatriation of the Insured’s Mortal Remain back to Thailand
  • Personal Liability covers your legal liability during traveling for injury or damage to third parties or their property
  • will cover luggage and personal effects for both loss and damage whilst under custody of the hotel or carrier, or as a result of forceful taking by violent means
  • Emergency purchases of essential items of clothing and personal requisites.

The above benefit may vary among insurance companies.

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